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About the UK National Lottery

The UK National Lottery is, first and foremost, the biggest cash-winning event in the country. Since its origin in 1994, it's been awarded a whopping £75 billion worth of prizes. It's also the reason more than 5700 people can say they are millionaires or even multimillionaires.

These UK National Lottery winners have certainly benefited in a big way. One of the most significant advantages of winning is receiving the money in a lump sum; best of all is it’s tax-free. There are seven different varieties of games available for your indulgence.

Life-Changing Games


The Lotto is the main game everyone chooses to play at first. It's a simple process requiring you to choose 6 UK National Lottery numbers from 1-59. You may play up to seven lines, and you're able to buy tickets daily from 06:00 to 19:30. 


Many consider this game a smashing international blockbuster, allowing 20 people to win £1 million. A significant aspect of this is that you gain automatic entry to the UK Million Maker Game for every Euromillions ticket you buy.

Set for Life

Here you’re allowed to possibly earn £10 000 every month for the next thirty years.


Playing this game gives you the chance to win £500 000 from £1. If you win, the entire amount is yours to keep, no sharing.

Lotto Hotpicks

The game is Lotto but with a small twist. Instead of choosing many numbers, you only select a few, and you could win up to £350 000. This seems like a brilliant option.

Euromillions Hotpicks

This, too, is the usual game with a spin on it. You pick fewer numbers as well. You match three correct numbers to win £1500 or match five correctly to win a banging £1 000 000.

Instant Win Games

Play mini-games of different genres to win some cash. Some games include Monopoly Gold, Triple Cashword Purple, and Monopoly Lotto.

UK National Lottery FAQ

Yes, the provider is committed to protecting all its users' rights and is focused on creating a safe space for all.

You can view it on BBC One hosted by Stephen Mulhern. Alternatively, all draws are broadcasted on BBC iPlayer.

If you've purchased your ticket at a retailer, you take it to them, and they'll use a UK National Lottery ticket scanner to verify it. If you’ve won based on the UK National Lottery results, then the retailer can pay you up to £1000 on-site. Anything more has to be claimed directly from the UK National Lottery service itself.

There are several ways to play, including in-person, by directly purchasing tickets from retailers. You can play online via a browser. There's also a UK National Lottery app available for your convenience. 

Every game has the odds of 1:54, which is pretty generous.

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