Poland mini lotto

About The MINI Lotto

The MINI Lotto lottery from Lottoland has a daily jackpot of £80,000 and is available to play seven days a week.

You don’t have to spend time waiting for a weekly draw to take place, to find out if you’re one of the lucky MINI Lotto lottery winners.  


When you play the MINI Lotto lottery, you’re betting on the official outcome and not entering the draw itself. 


Placing your bet is a simple three-stage process: select your lucky five numbers from the 42 available, choose which draw you’d like to enter, and place your bet. You also have the option of allowing the system to generate your number for you by selecting a Quick Pick.


As one of the cheapest lottery games on the market, it’s certainly worth spending a few pennies to win a few thousand pounds.


The draw takes place every weekday, including weekends, at 20h50. The MINI Lotto lottery results appear on the website immediately.

The MINI Lotto is currently available on the Lottoland website. You can access this on any desktop or mobile device. There is no MINI Lotto lottery app available at this stage.

The daily jackpot is £80,000, and this is the most that you can win if you play the classic game. MINI Lotto has a Double Jackpot feature, which doubles your winnings. If you activate this feature, and your five MINI Lotto lottery numbers match those in the official draw, you can win £160,000. When you play the double jackpot, you’ll pay 70p per line instead of 35p per line for the standard game.


There are no rollovers with the MINI Lotto, so the lower tier winners will get bigger payouts if there’s no jackpot winner.

The odds of matching all five winning numbers and scooping the jackpot are over one in 850,000. For matching four numbers, the odds are one in 4,598, and for three numbers, they are one in 128. Your chances are better for matching fewer numbers, but the lower the amount is that you’ll win. Matching three numbers result in lower winnings of around £3,50. These figures are not exact and are all subject to change.

All the MINI Lotto lottery results are available on our website after the draw has taken place. The information given includes the number of winners in each tier and the amount that they have won. You can also head over to any participating retailer with a MINI Lotto lottery ticket scanner to check if you hold a winning ticket.


Before you can play the MINI Lotto lottery, you must register and create an account with Lottoland. If you didn’t have to submit documents to confirm your identity at the time of registration, you’d have to do so when you wish to withdraw your winnings. This proof of identity can be a driver’s license or provisional license. 


If you don’t have either, you can provide a copy of your passport and a utility bill no older than three months. You may also need to confirm that you’re the holder of the credit/debit card or bank account that you used when registering. 


Your winnings are tax-free and are guaranteed by Lottoland.

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