South Africa Lotto

About the South Africa Lottery

The National Lotteries Act in 1997 established the National Lottery. President Thabo Mbeki officially launched it on March 2nd, 2000. On the first day alone, the South African lotto sold more than 800,000 tickets. 

Phanda Pusha Play provides the app and website for the lotto. You can access results and information on up to 8 different national lotteries on their website, including Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2, PowerBall, Sportstake 8, Sportstake 13, Daily Lotto, EAZiWIN In-Store, Eaziwin Online, and the Raffle. 

The South Africa Lotto lottery results are available on the website and other affiliated channels on television. The website also has helpful FAQs and a chatbot that can answer common questions. Overall, the site is informative and well-organized.

Results of the South Africa Lottery

The South Africa Lotto lottery numbers are 1-52. Ithuba Holdings modified the numbers on July 30th, 2017. Players must match 6 numbers to win the jackpot. 


The chances of matching all six are 1: 20,358,520. Winners with six matched numbers get 73% of the total pot. The percentage for winners of 5 and below is significantly lower. 


The odds of matching 5 numbers are 1: 75,402, much higher than the chances of matching 5 numbers and the bonus, which is 1: 3,393,087.


For those who match 3 numbers, there’s a R50 prize, which lowers to R25 for the Lotto Plus. Two and a bonus is worth R20 or R15 for Lotto Plus. 


If you’re the kind of player who doesn’t believe in lucky numbers, there’s a Quick Pick option. South African lotto winners can cash in their tickets at any affiliated lottery retailer. Some establishments will pay up to R5,000, but all registered retailers are required to pay up to R50. 

South Africa Lottery App

The South Africa lottery app on the Google Play Store comes with a high rating, so you can be assured it provides you with all the information you’ll need to play. You won’t be able to purchase tickets in the app, but you can check the numbers. There’s also a South Africa Lotto lottery ticket scanner on the Apple App Store that will tell you if you have a winning combination. Remember that tickets are only available online or at official retailers.

South Africa Lottery FAQ

You can play the Lotto at any affiliated retailer or online. If you prefer to use your mobile, that’s fine too. There’s an app available, but you can’t purchase tickets through it.

You can buy tickets every day before 8:30 pm. 

You can cash in your win at any affiliated retailer for wins between R50 and R5,000. Remember that with amounts over R50, it’s at the retailer’s discretion to provide payment. You can cash in wins between R2,000 and R49,999 at National Lottery Payment Centers with an EFT or check. Wins of R50,000 or more are available at National Lottery Regional Offices. 

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