Mega sena

About the Mega Sena Lottery

The Brazilian Federal Bank, Caixa Economica, has been running multiple federal lotteries for many years. From their industry experience comes the biggest lottery game in Brazil: Lottery Mega-Sena, with its first draw in 1996.


The proceeds from Mega-Sena go to a variety of socio-economic upliftment projects Nationwide. It doesn't only make players rich; it has a deeply rooted responsibility to do good for the less fortunate in Brazil. It also provides for educational programs.


The gameplay is seamless and exciting as you play for six-figure sums twice weekly. The main draws take place on a Wednesday and Saturday, with the results of the Mega-Sena Lottery available immediately. Your chances of winning one of the main jackpots are estimated at 1:50,063,860. 


While the odds of winning may be exceptionally low, it could be life-altering, making it worth playing for such a fantastic jackpot prize.


The Mega-Sena doesn't operate like conventional lotteries. You have to choose six Mega-Sena Lottery numbers ranging between one and 60. Instead of just six numbers drawn between 01 and 60, they draw from two barrels, and two separate drawn digits make up one number. The first drawn digit will range from 0 – 5, and the second one from 0 – 9. 00 represents the number 60. It's 12 digits drawn from two barrels to represent six numbers for the Mega-Sena Lottery results.

Any player who matches all six numbers is the jackpot winner. If there is more than one player with all six numbers, then they share the prize. There are also second and third prize Mega-Sena Lottery winners for all players who match four or five numbers.

Mega Sena Lottery FAQ

The Mega-Sena lottery has six numbers to make a winning combination. You must select a minimum of six numbers between 01 and 60. You may select up to 15 numbers. The more numbers you choose, the better your chances of winning. 


If you don't want to select your numbers, you may opt for the Supresinha, which is a random number generator. You may enter draws in advance for up to eight consecutive instances. 

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Mega-Sena Lottery. Children younger than 18 may receive lottery tickets as gifts, but may not purchase it for themselves.

Yes, Mega-Sena tickets are available online and can be purchased quickly and seamlessly using a Visa or Mastercard or Skrill e-wallet as payment. 

You can buy your lottery tickets online on the Mega-Sena app from your desktop or mobile device. If you live in Brazil, you can buy your Mega-Sena Lottery ticket from any participating lottery house.

Yes. The State banned all games of chance since 1971 except for horse race betting and lotteries. The Mega-Sena is a State-owned enterprise managed by the Federal Bank.

The draws are on Rede TV 25 minutes after the actual draw, which occurs at 8 p.m. Brasilia time. The winning numbers are also published at the lottery houses and in local media in Brazil. If you purchased your ticket online, you could check the official Mega-Sena website for the winning number.

There are two draws weekly—every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m. Brasilia time. 

Four players each own an equal share in a jackpot worth R$263,200,000 in 2014. The biggest single jackpot winner won R$205,300,000 in 2015. All winners have remained anonymous.

Your odds of winning the jackpot in Mega-Sena is one in over 50,000,000. Your chances of winning any smaller prize in the Lottery are very good with odds of one in 2,298.

No. It has only straightforward draws per week. The Mega-Sena Lottery has a particular New Years' Eve draw called the Mega da Verada. It has no roll-over. If nobody has the winning six numbers, it proceeds to all players who match five winning numbers. The biggest jackpot in the Mega da Verada was in 2018 when it stood at R$306,700,000.

No. There’s no second chance game in Mega-Sena. Each draw has three winning tiers, and everybody with four to six matching numbers wins cash prizes.

If your number wins any of the prizes, you can collect a lottery voucher from the same place where you purchased your ticket. It's a receipt that indicates your credit and can be redeemed at any lottery house or directly from Caixa Economica. The lottery house uses a Mega-Sena Lottery ticket scanner to confirm your winning number.

All smaller prize money can be paid to you directly from a participating retailer or lottery house in Brazil. If you win the jackpot, you must claim your winnings from the Federal Bank.

All prizes up to R$1,787.77 can be claimed the next day from any lottery house. More significant claims must be sent to Caixa Economica and can take a few weeks to reach you.

If you win, you should claim your prize within 90 days from the draw date. All unclaimed winnings will go to the social upliftment fund. You forfeit your winnings if you don't claim it within the prescribed time frame.

Yes. All Mega-Sena Lottery winnings are subject to a 13.8% income tax in Brazil. If you're playing internationally, it's advisable to speak to a tax consultant to pay the correct taxes in Brazil and your country of residence.

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