While others seem set on piling up on gimmicky feature after gimmicky feature, PlayHugeLottos, instead, focuses on delivering a simple experience where the main attraction is comprised of the lottery games themselves. But beyond their lottery offerings, PlayHugeLottos also provides tons of helpful information to help ease newcomers into the experience. You also get a variety of ways for claiming or using your winnings, numerous game options, as well as a bevy of languages that players can easily switch between on the fly. The fact that they don’t scan tickets, plus the lack of syndicates and other game types is disappointing though. Still, they are worth a look or two.
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PlayHugeLottos Ease of Use

PlayHugeLottos is one of the few that manages to offer a simple yet substantial online lottery experience that veers away from too many gimmicky features. For one thing, they put primary focus on providing you with over 15 of the most popular and highly lucrative lotteries from around the world. These include SuperEna Max, La Primitiva, Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroJackpot, SuperEnaLotto, EuroMillions, and many more.

Lotto lovers from all over the world can participate in all the lotteries that PlayHugeLottos offers, so it is great that the website allows you to conveniently switch between any of the 11 available languages on the fly. That said, it would have been a whole lot better if the supported languages included more – such as those from Asia – but having multi-language support is still a huge plus.

Each lottery game page, meanwhile, offers a ton of useful information, while remaining relatively uncluttered and quite friendly to newcomers. Aside from displaying a countdown to the next drawing, the lottery pages also allow you to either pick your numbers manually or take advantage of the Quick Pick option. The Quick Pick option grants you the ability to pick up to 50 entries or the most often drawn or most overdue numbers. You can also select the date when this will take effect, the frequency of draws you automatically pick numbers for, as well as how many draws.


PlayHugeLottos Games Options

Beyond that, the website also provides different game options that can enhance your overall experience. The Rapid Play option, for one, allows you to play all draws for all lotteries or a specific lottery over a week or a month with just one click. Meanwhile, the Extra Numbers feature, just as the name suggests, allows you to choose up to 3 more extra numbers on top of the main set of numbers you have chosen. Other game options include Standard Bundle, Super7 Bundle, Big 5 Bundle, and IntelliPlay.


Other Games on PlayHugeLottos

Disappointingly, PlayHugeLottos does not offer syndicates, so if you were hoping to join others and pool your tickets for a higher chance of winning, then you should look elsewhere. They also do not have millionaire raffles nor scratch cards. Their numerous game options are great, but their lottery game variety is certainly lacking.


Winning with PlayHugeLottos

For the lucky ones, PlayHugeLottos provides winners different ways to claim their prizes, which makes things a lot easier and convenient for everyone. You can, for example, convert them to Play Credits, which you can use to play any of the lotteries on offer, or you can quickly replenish your funds, or even convert them to vouchers. And, of course, you can just simply withdraw your winnings if you wish.

Finally, the company offers quite an assortment of banking options, which is great for every lotto lover out there. You can, for instance, use Visa, MasterCard, EntroPay, EFT/Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, Ukash, Abaqoos, and a whole lot more. Worried that you won’t be able to pay for tickets? Don’t be – PlayHugeLottos has got you covered.


100% Payout Record

No one would blame you if you were a bit skeptical about a website promising you the chance to win millions in cold, hard cash – especially due to how rampant scams are on the internet. With PlayHugeLottos, however, you won’t have to worry about anything of that nature. This particular online lottery website has been around since 1998, and with a payout record of 100%, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. After all, how many scams do you know of that have lasted this long without alerting the proper authorities?


PlayHugeLottos Customer Support

PlayHugeLottos offers an excellent suite of customer support options – which comprise a variety of international phone numbers, live chat, email, as well as an online contact form. They also have a fairly comprehensive knowledgebase that can get you up to speed on things like fraud & scam prevention, How To’s, technical or browser issues, FAQs, and more.


PlayHugeLottos Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are looking for a simple online lottery experience, then look no further than PlayHugeLottos. They offer over 15 of the world’s most popular lotteries known for awarding some of the biggest jackpots around – from the US Powerball to Italy’s SuperEnaLotto. Beyond that, they also offer a bevy of ways to claim your winnings, several game options, and even support for multiple languages. While the company doesn’t scan your tickets nor do they offer other lottery game types, the pros definitely far outweigh the cons. Plus, if you are skeptical about their legitimacy, their payout record has been at 100% ever since they started out all those years ago.


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