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Play from Anywhere in the World!
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Lotto247 is a 2004 veteran lottery site with a long tradition of providing a genuine lottery experience. Lotto247 is one website where you can find 14 different international lottery games, with the bonus of raffle games, fast-tracked lottery, and scratch cards.
Lotto247 provides a large variety of supported languages mainly focuses on the European continent. Although, the site is very well known in the Indian sub continent the language is not supported. You can find 16 different international lottery games, with the bonus of raffle games, fast-tracked lottery, and scratch cards. All the main Jackpots are available meaning they cater for larger crowds taste. 

What we like

  • More Than Just Lottery Games: Aside from lottery games, Lotto247 also houses raffle games and scratch cards. Their latest offer, Keno, is like a fast-tracked lottery game, where draws are done every 3 minutes- perfect for players who do not like waiting.
  • Secured and Licensed: Lotto247 is equipped with Comodo SSL encryption that masks all information that goes in and out of their website. They are also licensed under the Curacao Gaming Commission and follow all the legal guidelines and standards set by the regulating body.
  • Numerous Payment Options: You can load your account with credit cards, EFT transfers, eWallets, and prepaid cards, bank transfers, and cash and voucher payments. They even give a step-by-step guide on how to use each method to make a deposit.
  • Accepts Players From Most Countries: Lotto247 is available for a majority of countries around the world. They even have purchasing offices in Europe, the UK, North and South America, and Australia if winners prefer to purchase tickets and claim prizes personally.
  • Site is Available in Multiple Languages: Since the website is available for players all around the globe, it supports 14 different languages: English, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Romanian, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Finnish, Norwegian, and Czech.

What could be better

  • Limited Lotteries Offered: Compared to other online lottery sites, Lotto247 has fewer game offers. While others carry around 20-30 games, they only have 14 under their roof, mostly composed of bigger and internationally known lottery games.
  • Complicated Payout Terms: There are three different categories for winners in Lotto247, depending on the winning tier. Under these categories, there is another set of conditionals to determine your actual winnings, which just makes the whole process a bit hard to grasp.
  • Payment Options Locks Out Depending on Location: While there are 30 available payment methods supported on their website, there are some options to lock out based on the player’s location. This means even if a specific payment option is usually available in your country, it may not be the same case for Lotto247.
Lotto247 international lotteries

Lotto Agent

lotto agent logo

Lotto Agent quickly made a name for themselves as a reliable and customer-friendly lottery agent. Lotto Agent allows you to play in up to 19 lotteries, from Europe’s Loteria Nacional and EuroMillions to the US and Australia’s Powerball games. A wealth of deposit and withdrawal methods are also supported for easy gaming.
Lotto Agent offers access to 19 lotteries, supports a variety of payment methods – including Indian ones, and gives you top-notch customer support.

What we like

  • Multiple Deposit and Withdrawal Options: Lotto Agent supports major credit cards, lots of online payment systems, and even direct bank transfers.
  • Videos of Lotto Draws: Aside from instant result updates, you can monitor draws yourself thanks to Lotto Agent's livestreams.
  • Automatic Email Notifications: Lotto Agent has a handy system that sends you purchase confirmations, draw and result updates, and alerts for any wins.
  • Great Customer Support: Lotto Agent responds quickly and exerts its best efforts to resolve your issues.

What could be better

  • No Syndicates: Unfortunately, Lotto Agent doesn't support buying tickets through syndicates.


Thelotter logo

TheLotter is one of the most established and highly regarded online lottery websites in the industry they have paid over $98 million in prizes to over 5 million winners. TheLotter offers access to over 51 national and international lotteries-more than any of its competitors. TheLotter is a lottery agent; which means they actually buy your ticket, scan it, and send you a copy, which is the most secure type of online lottery.

TheLotter has an intuitive, easy-to-use website, a free mobile app for instant access, and a wide array of deposit and withdrawal options. All of that, coupled with plentiful options to play in syndicates or buy in bundles make TheLotter, by far, the best online lottery website currently on the market.

What we like

  • Access to Tons of Lottery Games: One of the most unique aspects of The Lotter, which also happens to be one of its greatest advantages over playing the lottery the traditional way, is that they allow anyone to participate in a plethora of both national and international lottery games.
  • Multiple Deposit and Withdrawal Option: To cater to their international client base, varied deposit and withdrawal options are supported by TheLotter. You can pay through bank transfer, American Express, Master Card, Diners Club, Visa, Solo, and many more.
  • Mobile Support: TheLotter's mobile apps (Android and iOS) give you the full functionality of their website at your fingertips and on the go, which means that you can do just about everything TheLotter-related wherever you are–like playing any of the 51 lotteries, as well as checking on up-to-date results.
  • Multi-Language: TheLotter supports 15 languages, which includes Japanese, Deutsch, French, Spanish, and more.

What could be better

  • Rates Can be Expensive: Your winnings through TheLotter are given to you commission-fee. In order for them to keep operating, however, they do tack on handling fees for every lottery ticket you purchase; which means that using this online lottery website’s services will be more expensive than purchasing tickets in person.
  • Must Claim Jackpot in Person: Like most online lotteries, if you win the jackpot prize in any international lottery, you would need to fly out to the country where that particular lottery operates. While most people would not miss the opportunity and would fly out, the fact remains that some people might not have the resources to do so. BUT! In the case of a jackpot win, theLotter may choose to pay your travel expenses to the location where the ticket was purchased. There, you will receive the ticket from our local office manager in the presence of theLotter’s legal team and proceed to the official lottery organization to collect your prize in person.


jackpot.com logo

Jackpot.com is an easy-to-use lottery site, providing you with a chance to play and win a huge amount of different games, accepts various payment methods. And this is just the tip of an impressive iceberg! So, if you want to learn more, keep on reading the full Jackpot.com review below!

What we like

  • Convenience – Jackpot.com is pretty easy to use, not to mention convenient, as you get to play different lotteries in the comfort of your own home, and even have your winnings deposited into your account.
  • Guaranteed Winnings – Thanks to being controlled and regulated by 3 gambling regulators, which bolsters Jackpot.com’s legitimacy, players are guaranteed to receive their winnings in full.
  • No Commissions – Jackpot.com does not take a portion of your winnings, for the most part.
  • Payment Methods – Jackpot.com is probably one of the few online lottery sites that accepts a whopping 31 payment methods; from Visa and Mastercard to Abaqoos, Moneta, and more.
  • Alerts – Users do not need to check the site often to see if they have won a lottery. Jackpot.com allows users to register for free email and text alerts.

What could be better

  • Withholds Percentage – Jackpot.com withholds a whopping 39.6% of winnings from the two highest prize categories of Powerball and Mega Millions.
  • Limited Bank Transfer Payment Option – As of this writing, Jackpot.com seems to be only accepting payments from Barclays Banks.
  • Withdrawal Limits – Users can only withdraw up to £1,000 from their account; anything higher and you will need to contact the site in order to collect your prize.
Jackpot com scratch of the day



Founded in 2005, WinTrillions has effectively used years of experience to hone their service and offer one of the best and most complete online lottery websites in the entire industry. They offer players access to over 22 of the most popular lotteries from all over the world, plus the chance to participate in Syndicates and even a variety of international Millionaire Raffles. Beyond that, they also offer a VIP program, regular promotions, numerous payment methods, a zero-commission policy, and even a 100% money-back guarantee! Want to learn more about WinTrillions? Keep on reading to see what else is in store for you!

What we like

  • Anyone Can Participate: Lotto lovers from every corner of the globe can participate in any and all of the lotteries. Even better, WinTrillions is equipped with multi-language support, which allows you to switch between any of the 11 languages on the fly.
  • Zero Commissions: Another great thing about WinTrillions is that they do not take any commissions from any of your winnings.
  • VIP Program: The moment you sign up and purchase a lottery on WinTrillions, they automatically enroll you in their great VIP program. This allows you to rack up loyalty points that you can later redeem in exchange for discounts on orders and subscriptions.
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed: WinTrillions' customer-friendly money back guarantee allows you to cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked. And if you do so, you can get back all of the remaining unused credits in your subscription without any hassle.

What could be better

  • Might Have to Travel Far: Like most online lottery websites, if you win any of the bigger prizes (in this case, prizes more than $600), there is a high chance that you would have to appear in person in order to claim your winnings. While this might not sound so inconvenient, some people might not be in the position to travel to another country just to be able to claim their prize.
  • No Single Draw Option: WinTrillions does not offer an option to buy tickets for single draw purposes, so those who only wish to test the waters and buy a ticket good for only one draw would be better off elsewhere.



Multilotto.com is a leading betting service for lotteries and offers secure and competitive placement of bets on 65 of the world's biggest lotteries. We found that MultiLotto invests in a high customer service level ever since its launch in 2011. Multilotto claims that customers have got around half a billion dollars in winnings. Playing is Possible both from Mobile and PC with an available mobile app. The Company is regulated under laws both in Sweden and in Malta. Compliance with such regulations guarantees that MultiLotto is a legitimate platform.

What we like

  • Number Of Lotteries: MultiLotto offers a selection of 65 different lotteries to bet on and allows the biggest selection and user empowerment.
  • User Experience: Easy on the eye design offer a calm and soothing experience with table organized list that sorts between the available lotteries based on the jackpot current level. There is also an option to boost the jackpots of 4 of the biggest lotteries: Powerball, Mega Millions, and 6 Aus 49.
  • Winning collection: All winnings are automatically credited to your online player's account and can be transferred to your personal bank account within a few clicks.
  • Supported Languages: 13 languages are supported to accommodate mostly European customers and some eastern countries like China for example.
  • Jackpot boost: Providing the users with the option to increase the possible Jackpot is certainly a headline offer that we feel could be very interesting for some

What could be better

  • Actual Lottery Tickets: Being a betting company and not actually buying the tickets is lacking the physical aspect and sense of ownership and is not suited for everyone.
  • Limited Syndicates Options: Whereas other operators provide the ability to jump on the wagon of a preconfigured syndicate here you would have to create a lottery syndicate of your own which could be a bit of a pain.
  • Limited customer support channels: In order to get in touch with MultiLotto you would have to use the email option and do not have a phone number to sound your claim vocally.


PlayHugeLottos logo

While others seem set on piling up on gimmicky feature after gimmicky feature, PlayHugeLottos, instead, focuses on delivering a simple experience where the main attraction is comprised of the lottery games themselves. But beyond their lottery offerings, PlayHugeLottos also provides tons of helpful information to help ease newcomers into the experience. You also get a variety of ways for claiming or using your winnings, numerous game options, as well as a bevy of languages that players can easily switch between on the fly. The fact that they don’t scan tickets, plus the lack of syndicates and other game types is disappointing though. Still, they are worth a look or two.

What we like

  • User-Friendly: While playing the lottery is as simple as buying your ticket and waiting for the results, its online-only incarnation can leave some people scratching their heads. Thankfully, PlayHugeLottos' website is simple and user-friendly.
  • Different Ways to Use Your Winnings: PlayHugeLottos allows you to immediately convert your winnings to vouchers or replenish your funds – in addition to simply withdrawing them, of course.
  • Great Variety of Game Options: While it is true that PlayHugeLottos is devoid of any gimmicky features, that isn't to say that they are devoid of any extra features at all – from being able to play all draws for all lotteries to adding extra numbers quite easily, you’ve got quite a few to chew on.

What could be better

  • Does Not Scan Tickets: Although PlayHugeLottos purchases tickets on your behalf, don’t expect to receive scanned copies of them in your account.
  • Lacks Game Variety: While they offer a ton of game options, they don’t offer any syndicates, millionaire raffles, or scratch cards.


lottokings logo
LottoKings is a top platform that allows players from more than 140 countries to participate in over 20 worldwide lottery games from home. LottoKings might seem like a new player in the industry, but the truth is, they have been around for a while. This “new” online lottery site is actually the rebranded form of CongaLotto, one of the most well known in the field. But if you think that the design and brand are the only things new here, think again.

What we like

  • Lottery Games: LottoKings offers an impressive collection of lotteries that hail from nearly all corners of the globe, giving you more options and more opportunities to win. In total, you are looking at over 20 lotteries and 3 syndicates (Mega Millions, EuroMillions and PowerBall)  plus raffles.
  • Features: Apart from the usual lottery features, such as subscriptions and multidraws, LottoKings also offers a jackpot alerts option and even 256-bit SSL security for some added peace of mind.
  • Zero Commissions: LottoKings does not take any commissions from your winnings, ensuring that you get 100%. Of course, you will still have to pay for the relevant taxes; but that is another matter entirely, and out of LottoKings’ hands.
  • Claiming Winnings: LottoKings offers three options for claiming prizes that are more than $600. You don't necessarily have to travel in order to claim your winnings (though some lotteries may require you to do so).

What could be better

  • Limited Payment Methods: Surprisingly, they accepted more payment methods back when they were CongaLotto. Currently, they accept around 6, which isn’t bad, but it still feels like a step back.
  • Limited Language Support: It is commendable that LottoKings offers 6 different languages that you can switch back and forth from on their website, but other online lotteries offer quite a bit more. If you aren’t fluent in any of the languages offered, then you are out of luck. 

Since actual lotteries mean actual money spent on tickets, of course, the most important thing to ascertain is the good reputation of the website; as we mentioned above, reliability and trustworthiness are paramount as there are many scam websites.

Another testament to the quality of an online lottery site is the variety of its offerings.

Which lotteries around the world can you buy tickets to from the site? Also worth noting: What kind of games are offered?

There are two types of companies through which you can buy online lottery tickets.

A lottery agent is a company that actually goes and purchase a ticket for you.

For instance, if you buy a MegaMillions ticket, the company will send an agent to a local retailer of MegaMillions in order to buy a ticket and fill out the numbers you selected.

In many cases, they will then scan the ticket and upload it to your account for you to see as proof.

The company will store the ticket until the results are publicized, and if you win, through various methods they will either get you the money or get you the ticket so you can redeem it.

On the other hand, there are companies which are not actual agents; rather, their function is to allow you to "bet" on the result.

For instance, if you "buy" a MegaMillions ticket through one of the best online lottery sites, they will not actually buy the ticket.

f you win, they will pay you from their own accounts.

These sorts of companies make more money off your purchase because they never actually buy the ticket themselves; but on the other hand, they pay very high insurance fees in case someone wins and they actually have to pay back a massive amount.

Such companies can offer bonuses, unlike lottery agents, but the risk tends to be higher.

A lottery syndicate is a group of people that split the cost of a lottery ticket and all its potential winnings.

This makes playing the lottery cheaper and increases your chances of winning, though the winnings will be smaller.

For instance, say one lottery ticket costs $10.

A lottery syndicate of 300 people might buy 10 lottery tickets per day.

Over the course of the month, this adds up to 300 lottery tickets for $10 per person.

This gives every individual in the syndicate 300 chances to win for only $10.

On the other hand, if one of the syndicate's ticket happens to win $15,000,000, each member of the syndicate will only receive $50,000.

Most of the best online lottery sites offer a predefined or a custom lottery syndicate option.