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About the Greece Lotto

The OPAP Group is a gambling company in Greece regulated by the Hellenic Gaming Commission. Located in Athens, OPAP is responsible for organizing and managing all lotteries and sports betting operations within the nation. Founded in 1958, The company changed ownership in 2013. The OPAP Group operates all 7 Greek lotteries, including Propo, Proto, Lotto, and Powerspin. Powerspin is a new acquisition, whereas the Greece Lotto has been around since 1990.


The lottery Greece Lotto is one of Greece’s most popular games and playing it is simple. To get started, you need to purchase a ticket from a participating store. Afterwards, you’ll need to select your numbers on the ticket. You can choose your predictions, or if you don’t believe in lucky numbers, use a randomized selection process called Lucky Dip. 

After the draw takes place and reveals the results of the Greece Lotto lottery, you’ll need to check if your numbers match. The Greece Lotto has five tiers, with Tier 1, or the jackpot, being the highest possible win. Since the prize has a rollover, there isn’t a set amount. However, the other tiers have fixed prizes. The Greece Lotto has 49 numbers.


Greece Lottery FAQ

  • Fill Out Your Greece Lotto Play Slip

Each Greece Lotto play slip has options that players can select:


  • Single columns
  • Standard systems
  • Full systems
  • Number selection
  • Lucky Dip
  • Future and consecutive draws
  • Number of times to play Proto game

  • Hand in Your Completed Greece Lotto Play Slip

At your nearest PROPA authorized agent, hand in your completed play slip with your chosen numbers. The agent will give you a receipt containing a printout of your choices. This receipt is also your lottery ticket.

  • Compare Your Play Slip With the Lotto Results

You can go to a PROPA authorized retailer and use one of the specialized ticket-checkers. Another method is to access the PROPA website and select “Check Winnings.” Here, you can enter your numbers manually or use an automatic ticket checker.

  • Collect Your Winnings

If your ticket has winning numbers, you’ll receive your payout at a PROPA authorized store. If they can’t pay the sum on the ticket, you’ll receive a payment request printout that you can present at a collaborating bank.

It’s exciting to watch the draw live and find out the Greece Lotto lottery results. The Greek Lotto is broadcast on Channel EPT2, every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:00. 

You can cash in your Greece Lotto ticket at any OPAP authorized store. 

All OPAP agents have access to a Greece Lotto lottery ticket scanner. The scanner will confirm if you have a winning ticket.

You can play the Greece Lotto lottery by buying a ticket from an OPAP agent after marking down the Greece Lotto lottery numbers that you predict to win. Make sure to keep the ticket safe so you can check your numbers.

One of the most recent Greece Lotto Lottery winners won €300,000 in May 2020. You can also check previous draws results on the OPAP website.

The next Greece Lotto live draw will be on Wednesday, 16 September, on Channel EPT2 at 10:00. Look for a Greece Lotto lottery app to check the most recent results. 

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