Wisconsin Lottery Games

GamePrize TypeNumbersSale Closes
Pick 3 MiddayTop Prize3 from 0-91:30 p.m.
Pick 3 EveningTop Prize3 from 0-99:00 p.m.
Pick 4 MiddayTop Prize4 from 0-91:30 p.m.
Pick 4 EveningTop Prize4 from 0-99:00 p.m.
Badger 5Jackpot5 from 1-319:00 p.m.
SuperCash!Top Prize6 from 1-399:00 p.m.
All or Nothing MiddayTop Prize11 from 1-221:30 p.m.
All or Nothing EveningTop Prize11 from 1-229:00 p.m.
MegabucksJackpot6 from 1-499:00 p.m.
PowerballJackpot5 from 1-69 + 1 from 1-269:00 p.m.
Mega MillionsJackpot5 from 1-70 + 1 from 1-259:00 p.m.

Game Schedule

Pick 3 Midday1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.
Pick 3 Evening9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.
Pick 4 Midday1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.
Pick 4 Evening9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.
Badger 59:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.
SuperCash!9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.
All or Nothing Midday1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.1:30 p.m.
All or Nothing Evening9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.
Megabucks9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.
Powerball9:59 p.m.9:59 p.m.
Mega Millions10:00 p.m.10:00 p.m.

*All times are displayed in Wisconsin local time.

Advance Draws

The number of consecutive draws each Wisconsin State Lottery games allows you to play:

GameAdvanced Draws
Pick 3 Middayup to 7
Pick 3 Eveningup to 7
Pick 4 Middayup to 7
Pick 4 Eveningup to 7
Badger 5up to 7
SuperCash!up to 7
All or Nothing Middayup to 7
All or Nothing Eveningup to 7
Megabucksup to 8
Powerballup to 8
Mega Millionsup to 8

Tax Information

Wisconsin Lottery Federal, and state tax withholdings on winnings for U.S. citizens or residents. 

WinningsTax CategoryPercentage
Over $1,999 and up to $5,000State Tax7.7%
Over $1,999 and up to $5,000Federal Tax0.0%

If the winner is not a U.S. citizen or is not a US resident, Wisconsin Lottery tax withholdings on winnings are as such:

WinningsTax CategoryPercentage
Over $5,000State Tax7.7%
Over $5,000Federal Tax24.0%

Wisconsin lottery

About the Wisconsin Lottery

The Wisconsin State Lottery is an entity administered by the state's Department of Revenue. It was originally implemented in 1988 after the state senate and assembly authorized its creation. However, it isn’t the first modern lotto to operate in the Badger State.

Years before the first Wisconsin Lottery numbers were drawn, the Oneida Nation organized its own lotto variant. This simple pick-6-from-36 jackpot game was even televised in Green Bay.

Revenues from the lottery in Wisconsin are allocated as follows: 

  • 56% for Wisconsin Lottery winners
  • 30% for property tax credits
  • 6% for retailers
  • 6% in costs

Apart from Wisconsin Lottery scratch tickets, there are also several multi-jurisdictional games such as Powerball (since 1992) and Mega Millions (since 2010). However, there’s currently no Wisconsin Lottery Lucky for Life game.

Wisconsin Lottery FAQ

One of the largest jackpots in the history of American lotteries went to a West Allis, WI resident. In March 2019, a Wisconsin Lottery Powerball ticket purchased in New Berlin hit a jackpot worth $768.4 million. It's the third largest of its kind, so far.

The winner, 24-year-old Manuel Franco, opted for the cash prize over the annuity. In the end, he wound up with an impressive $477 million cash jackpot.

Results of Wisconsin Lottery drawings were originally broadcast in a special TV show, called The Money Game. Several local stations aired it, including WISN Channel 12, WKOW Channel 27, WBAY Channel 2, WXOW Channel 19, WQOW Channel 18, WAOW Channel 9, WYOW Channel 34, and KBJR Channel 6.

However, since 2002, televised Wisconsin Lottery results were discontinued as a cost-cutting measure. Nonetheless, you can still catch the Wisconsin Lottery winning numbers during the late-night newscast of many local stations. They’re also featured in the paper, on the official website, and per the Wisconsin Lottery app.

Your odds of winning the WSL depend on the games you choose to play. The Pick 3 game has odds to win the top prize of 1 in 1,000. For Pick 4, the odds are 1 in 10,000.

The Badger 5 game has odds of 1 in 169,911 while the All or Nothing game has odds of 1 in 705,432. For SuperCash!, odds to win the top prize are 1 in 1,631,312. To win the Megabucks jackpot, you'll have to overcome odds of 1 in 16,991,908.

The Wisconsin Lottery Mega Millions odds sit at a whopping 1 in 302,575,350. However, the Powerball jackpot odds are slightly shorter at 1 in 292,201,338.

Playing the lotto in WI is as easy as visiting your nearest retailer. Check out the available games, and pick an option. If you choose an instant game, all you need to do is peel them off to reveal your numbers. You’ll know if it’s a winner right away.

For draw games, though, you need to wait for the Wisconsin Lottery results. After the drawing, the numbers are available in most local newspapers and TV stations, the app, and the site. You can also check your tickets with the Wisconsin Lottery ticket scanner.

Pick 3, Pick 4, and All or Nothing drawings take place twice a day, every day, at 1:30 PM and 9 PM. SuperCash! and Badger 5 drawings are also daily, though only once, at 9 PM. Megabucks drawings are also at 9 PM, though only on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

As for multi-state games, the Powerball is drawn Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 9:59 PM. Mega Millions is drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays, at 10 PM.

The Wisconsin Lottery Second Chance promotion is a special program available on a seasonal basis. Players can mail in their non-winning instant or draw game tickets.

The more tickets you mail, the more Wisconsin Lottery codes are entered on your behalf in a new drawing.

If you’re lucky enough to land a winning ticket, it’s time for you to claim your winnings. For prizes under $600, you can visit any lotto retailer. Prizes over $600 can be collected by mail or in person at the lotto office. Check the top of this page for a list of locations in the state.

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