Idaho Lottery Games

GamePrize TypeNumbersSale Closes
Idaho CashJackpot5 from 1-457:55 p.m.



Game Schedule

Pick 3 Day1:59 p.m.1:59 p.m.1:59 p.m.1:59 p.m.1:59 p.m.1:59 p.m.1:59 p.m.
Pick 3 Night7:59 p.m.7:59 p.m.7:59 p.m.7:59 p.m.7:59 p.m.7:59 p.m.7:59 p.m.
Idaho Cash8:00 p.m.8:00 p.m.
Weekly Grand8:00 p.m.8:00 p.m.
5 Star Draw8:00 p.m.8:00 p.m.
Powerball8:59 p.m.8:59 p.m.
Mega Millions9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.
Lotto America9:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.
Lucky for Life8:35 p.m.8:35 p.m.

*All times are displayed in Idaho local time.



Advance Draws

Number of consecutive draws each Idaho State Lottery games allows you to play:

GameAdvanced Draws
Pick 3 Dayup to 35
Pick 3 Nightup to 35
Idaho Cashup to 10
Weekly Grandup to 10
5 Star Drawup to 10
Powerballup to 10
Mega Millionsup to 10
Lotto Americaup to 10
Lucky for Lifeup to 10



Tax Information

Idaho Lottery Federal, and state tax withholdings on winnings for U.S. citizens or residents.

WinningsTax CategoryPercentage
Over $5,000State Tax6.9%
Over $5,000Federal Tax24.0%

If the winner is not a U.S. citizen or is not a US resident, Idaho Lottery tax withholdings on winnings are as such:

WinningsTax CategoryPercentage
Over $5,000State Tax6.9%
Over $5,000Federal Tax30.0%
idaho lottery


The Idaho Lottery


The Idaho State Lottery was established in November 1988 when 51% of people voted in favor of a constitutional amendment that abolished the ban on lotteries. On July 19, 1989, a mere 200 days after the vote, the first Idaho lottery tickets went on sale. Establishing the lottery in Idaho proved a success with an impressive $65 million in the first year alone. The primary goal of the Idaho Lottery was to fund Idaho’s Public Schools and the State’s Permanent Buildings. It has distributed $694.5 million towards them since being founded.

It’s also paid out $1.77 billion to Idaho Lottery winners and returned $160 million in commission to retail partners. All in all, it’s given $927million back to the Idaho community.

Over the years, it’s expanded and now has released various Idaho Lottery apps that you can use for games or checking Idaho Lottery results. The Everything Idaho Lottery app doubles as an Idaho ticket scanner by determining whether your Idaho scratch cards have Idaho Lottery codes or your tickets have Idaho Lottery winning numbers.

Players can enjoy classic games such as the Idaho Lottery Powerball, Idaho Lottery Mega Millions, and Idaho Lottery Lucky for Life.


Idaho Lottery FAQ


If you see the results of the Idaho Lottery and realize that you’re a winner, you may claim your prize winnings. If it’s under $600, you can visit any authorized retailer. For $600+, you’ll need to complete a claim form and addendum. You can mail these documents to the Idaho Lottery offices with the original ticket and proof of ID.

There’s an excellent feature that allows players with non-winning tickets to enter the Idaho Lottery Second Chance promotions. Here, you use any cards that aren’t winners to have another opportunity to win a prize pot.


Players have 180 days to claim their prize; otherwise, it’s a forfeit.

In 2005 Brad Duke won $220 million on an Idaho Lottery Powerball PowerPlay jackpot.

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